Von Renner Before & After School Programs

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Our Mission Statement

“We are committed to creating a supportive and enjoyable environment while promoting self-confidence, self-love and respect. We commit to this by instilling in students a sense of belonging while encouraging leadership by diversity and inclusion. Student’s social skills and academics will be prioritized through positive motivation, reassurance, teamwork, and true relationship building.”

Contact: Von Renner Elementary School Program Coordinator - Alejandra Reynoso (209) 862-2868 ext. 456 Cell (209) 605-7090

Before School Program

Before School Program Leader: Yvonne Alvarez

The Von Renner before school program opens at 6am. Students receive breakfast and have activities/games to play before the bell rings. Students may also receive homework assistance during this time.

Von Renner ASP Team

Alejandra Reynoso

Alejandra Reynoso - ASP Site Coordinator

Yvonne Alvarez

Yvonne Alvarez - Before School Program Leader

Paola Frayle

Paola Frayle - Program Leader

Melissa Fernandez

Melissa Fernandez - Program Leader

Marla Rangel

Marla Rangel - Program Leader

Gabriela Garcia

Gabriela Garcia - Program Leader

Paula Matthews

Paula Matthews - District Wide Program Leader

Liza Ramirez

Liza Ramirez - ASP Clerk

Yvonne Gil

Ivonne Gil Von Renner ASP-ELOP Coordinator